Metal Roof Overs


An aging metal roof on a mobile home. Brown’s specializes in metal Roof Overs to protect your home for many years.

If this is what the roof of your home is starting to look like, chances are it’s time for a new roof. An all-metal, high quality Roof Over is a cost-effective way to provide rapid relief to a decaying or leaking roof on your mobile home, site-built home, or even barns and outbuildings. Each Brown’s Metal Roofing roof over features:

• 20 Available colors to choose from
• 3/4″ Styrofoam Insulation for more comfortable summers
•Up to 12″ overhangs to keep water off windows & doors

Brown’s Metal Roofing uses the highest quality metal roofing to complete our Roof Overs. Most jobs are completed in just a day or two and our installation team specializes in the complicated roofs common on today’s homes. Here are just a few of the structures we’ve roofed:

• Single- and Double-wide Mobile Homes
• Site-built homes
• Barns, Garages, and other outbuildings
• Many, many more!


Click the image above to watch a brief slideshow detailing roofovers.

Click the image above to watch a brief slideshow detailing roofovers.

Your home is the single largest investment most people will ever make. Learning you need a new roof can be frightening, but it does not have to be. Brown’s Metal Roofing has years of experience with metal roof overs for your mobile home or site-built home.

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